Legal Overview

Let’s run through the legal element of the Inspire programme so you feel comfortable with your submission and understand how we are all legally protected.

Before continuing to the submissions form, you must be able to agree with all the following statements and indicate your agreement by clicking on the tick box below.

I agree that my submission to Tommee Tippee* is made NON CONFIDENTIALLY and does not create a confidential relationship between Tommee Tippee and myself. I also confirm that my submission does not breach any confidentiality obligations that I owe to others.

There is no legal reason why I cannot make my submission. I am not underage or otherwise legally incompetent.

I recognise that Tommee Tippee may already be independently working on the same idea as covered by my submission, and I agree that I have no rights to such independent work where that is the case.

I agree that no working relationship is being created between myself and Tommee Tippee by submitting this information and that Tommee Tippee is free to decide whether it wishes to further pursue my idea.

I am relying only on my own intellectual property rights to protect the contents of my submission. By making a submission, I am not granting, other than for Tommee Tippee to evaluate my submission, any rights in relation to any patent, copyright or design.

I confirm that Tommee Tippee is not providing me with legal advice, including whether my idea can be protected by intellectual property law.

 *Tommee Tippee is a brand and trading name of Mayborn (UK) Limited, an English company with registered number 01894022. For the purposes of these statements, “Tommee Tippee” means Mayborn (UK) Limited and all its group companies.



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