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You may have lots of questions about working with Tommee Tippee through the Inspire programme so before we proceed to the submission form we suggest you read the FAQ’s below to make sure you understand how this process works.

Do I get paid for submitting an idea?

Unfortunately not! There isn’t a reward simply for submitting an idea, but if we decide your idea is something we could develop into a product and you wanted to work with us then we’d agree appropriate commercial terms before taking the idea forward. 

How do you decide if my idea is of interest to you and how long will it take?

Your idea will be looked at by a member of our product development team and we’ll aim to let you know within 30 days whether we’d like to further explore your idea.

Is this process confidential and what information do you need?

No, it is not confidential. This is a key point. We are constantly working on product ideas and having discussions with various third parties about new products, so there is a chance we may be working on a similar idea already. Equally, if you disclose confidential information at this stage it may jeopardise your own interests, particularly your ability to file a patent application.

To protect both of us, we therefore only ask for non-confidential information to be submitted. We simply need a general description of your idea and how it would benefit parents, enough information for us to evaluate the idea but not chapter and verse. If you have a patent already then providing the application or patent number will be most of the information we need.

If we want to discuss your idea further, we may at that stage ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be put in place so we can then accept confidential information.

If you have any concerns about what you can and cannot disclose, please speak to an intellectual property lawyer before making your submission as this isn’t something we can advise you about.

Is there any legal stuff I must agree to?

Yes, there are some terms which you will need to agree before submitting your idea. These are to protect both of us, and they are short and simple so don’t worry about having page after page to dig through.

Do I need to have a patent?

It would be great if you do as it makes it simpler for you to submit your proposal and we know that your idea is protected. We are however very happy to look at early-stage ideas before a patent application has been made, but again need to stress that it is very important you don’t disclose to us anything confidential which might harm the chance of a patent being applied for at a later stage.
If you have any concerns about what you can and cannot disclose, please speak to an intellectual property lawyer before making your submission.

Am I signing all my rights away as soon as I hit “submit”?

Absolutely not! Any intellectual property you have remains yours, and we can’t do anything with your intellectual property unless we are interested in pursuing the idea and we agree terms acceptable to you which allow us to do so

What should I do if I have lots of ideas?

Submit all of them! You will just need to complete a separate form for each idea.

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