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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our soothers.

How do I clean my Tommee Tippee Comforter?

Simply wash the comforter in warm, soapy water before placing in your steriliser such as our electric steam steriliser or microwave steam steriliser.

How often should I change my child’s soother?

In general, we recommend changing your child’s soother every 4-weeks. A further recommendation is that you follow the age stage guidance which can be found on the soother packaging. This age guide is important as the size and scale of the teat on the soother changes as your little one grows and develops.

After sterilising there is water in the teat, is this normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for water to enter the teat when being washed or sterilised as there is a tiny air hole situated in the teat to aid with baby's use. If this occurs, check out our instructions which recommend that you squeeze the teat using teat tongs to release the water before use. Watch our Tops Tips for sterilising video for a guide on how to do this.

Why has my child’s latex comforter become brittle / sticky?

We recommend that you change your little one’s soother every 4 weeks, as over time, this natural material can become worn. The nature of the latex material means that if it is not changed often enough, the comforter teat can become brittle and/or sticky to touch. We recommend to throw away at any first sign of damage, replacing it for new.

Product manuals

Please click on the link below and download the Soothers Product Manual.

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